Food Safety Plan

Food Safety Plan (FSP)

Fee: $1,500 USD Each Plan

A Food Safety Plan (FSP) consists of the primary documents in a preventive controls food safety system that provides a systematic approach to the identification of food safety hazards that must be controlled to prevent or minimize the likelihood of foodborne illness or injury.

It contains a collection of written documents that describes activities that ensure the safety of food during manufacturing, processing, packing, and holding.

A “preventive controls qualified individual” (PCQI) must develop (or oversee the development of) the FSP. A PCQI is a person with the education, training, or experience (or a combination of these) to develop and apply a food safety system.

A PCQI can be qualified through job experience or by completing training equivalent to the standardized curriculum recognized as adequate by FDA The PCQI does not need to be an employee of the facility. 

To have “FDA Registration Assistance” assist you in the creation of a Food Safety Plan please CONTACT US.

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