Ingredients & Label Compliance

Food Ingredient & Label Compliance

Fee: $249 USD
(Discount on Multiple Label)

One of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) responsibilties apart from food being safe and wholesome is ensuring that the Food Products are properly labeled. 

Many Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers are unaware of the FDA guidelines behind food product labeling. Labeling on food products are very important, not having your labeling correct can put your shipment in jeopordy of being refused by the FDA.

Nutrition Facts, Food Allergens, and claims are all important aspects of the labeling process. But there is much more that the FDA requires. We can help.

Our Company “FDA Registrations Assistance” provides a Food Ingredient & Label Review service that will help you ensure that your product is in compliance with the FDA guidelines. If you would like to learn more on the process to get your Label Review done please CONTACT US.

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